Yes, here are the page count limits for each service: 

  • Feature Script Coverage. 125 pages
  • Mentorship. 125 pages
  • Script Doctor services. 125 pages
  • Margin Notes. 125 pages
  • Line Edit. 125 pages
  • Proofread/Formatting. 125 pages
  • Consultancy Call. 125 pages
  • TV Script Coverage. 65 pages
  • Short Film Coverage. 20 pages
  • Synopsis/Treatment Coverage. 4000 words

    Extra pages are charged at $2 per page.

If your script is over the limit, please contact us stating your page count and the service you're looking to purchase and we'll send you a customized button.

If you want to purchase a Synopsis/Treatment Coverage and your work is over 4000, please get in touch stating your word count and the fact you're looking to purchase Synopsis/Treatment Coverage.

If you still need help, please contact us